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The Photo Contest - Shoot and Share 2019

Abigaile - Top 20% in the Kids Category

This past January I once again entered the Shoot and Share photo contest #shootandshare2019. It's always a challenge for me to decide which photos to enter. Do I choose the photos I like the best or the ones that I think will appeal to the most people? Is it best to enter the photos that are technically better or those that have a strong emotional impact? It's always tough and I find I end up picking and choosing the photos that represent me the best. Once the results are in I always find it interesting to see if the photos I like best will make it the furthest in the contest.

Here's what you need to know about the Shoot and Share Photo Contest. It's an international photo contest open to all levels and ages of photographers. Photos are voted on by people around the world with a specific number of photos getting eliminated at each round. There are 12 rounds to the contest, the twelfth round being the finals. Voting is open through the month of February and is open to everyone! The talent in the contest is truly inspiring. This year there were 583,150 photos entered from around the world!

Abby's photo (pictured above) was my highest placing image this year #childphotographer . It made to round 8 and placed in the Top 20% of all photos in the Children's Category (over 50,000 photos). Having this photo place in the Top 20% was a personal best for me in this category #Personalbest. I was thrilled to have made it so far in the contest. This beautiful photo Claire pictured below was ranked in the top 20% in the kids category as well. #dancephotography

Claire - Top 20% in the Kids Category

This photo of Tyra also placed in the Top 30% for the Seniors/Teens Category #Gorgeous

Tyra - Top 30% Teens/Seniors Category

To find out more about the contest and see the work of the talented photographers around the globe that enter check out their website at I'm already counting down to the 2020 contest!

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